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May 2012 Book Salon:
The Hunger Games

  • This month we're reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Our faculty host is Jennifer Wolf.

    Listen to an interview with our Book Salon host.

    "A tightly-wound, lightening-paced dystopian novel fueled by a teenage female protagonist who takes unflinching aim at the society in which she lived - The Hunger games generated a trilogy of sequels, a mega-hit movie and a population of adult readers crossing over into the world of young adult literature."

    Jennifer Wolf, Director - Undergraduate Major

About this month's book selection

In a post-apocalyptic, post-America world, each of the twelve territories in the nation of Panem must send one boy and one girl to the Capitol to play in “The Hunger Games,” a two-week 24/7 fight to the death that leaves only one contestant standing. Like the citizens of Panem, all of whom are required to watch this televised match, you, the reader, get to look on as Katniss, the protagonist, struggles through the brutal day-to-day reality of the playing field. Hunting and forming alliances with the other contestants in the midst of hunger, thirst, and mutant animal attacks test the limits of her physical endurance, trust, and ultimately her humanity.

Part Gladiator, part 1984, and part Lord of the Flies, the plot is brutal and the prose is breathless. A #1 New York Times Bestseller, USA Today Bestseller, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller that is currently being adapted into film, this novel will have you panting through its pages in zip-zap speed and leave you wide awake for nights to come.