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Stanford Military Service Network

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    We are a community of Stanford-affiliates who have a military connection and assist each other and the Stanford Community. We host events and facilitate relationships for mentorship, career transitions, and business development!  Find us on Facebook and LinkedIn!

SMSN Elections

Congratulations to the newly elected SMSN Board of Advisors, whose terms begin 1 July 2013 and continue through 30 June 2014!

The Student Council

- Isabel Lopez, Undergrad, Army - also elected by current Student Council as the new Executive Vice President for Student Affairs
- Lillian McBee, Undergrad, Navy
- Lauren McCune, Undergrad, Army
- Kaitlyn Benitez-Strine, Undergrad, Army
- Sandeep Arakali, Undergrad, Navy
- Jordan Murray, Law
- Pete Koziol, GSB

The Alumni Council

- Jerry Reid, Washington DC metro - also elected by current Alumni Council as the new Executive Vice President for Alumni Affairs
- Kyle Miller, Houston metro
- Matty Haith, New York metro
- Chad Giacomozzi, Palo Alto area
- Seth Cairo, San Francisco area
- Kevin Boldt, New Orleans metro
- Janar Wasito, San Diego metro
- George Stavri, Europe
- William Harrison, Reno/Tahoe area
- John Kang and Sean Greenlee, Boston metro
- Rory Berry, Los Angeles metro

Additionally, Haney Hong has been re-elected by the sitting Board of Advisors (the combined Student and Alumni Councils) as President for next year.

Congratulations again!  Thanks to our departing SMSN Board of Advisors, and for those who are not continuing in leadership roles, we thank you for your volunteerism and service and hope you will stay involved with SMSN!

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Military Community Happy Hour

Friday, April 25, 2014 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM
Local Edition, San Francisco CA 94105 | Map address
Organizer: Stanford Military Service Network

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