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Straight from the Vine -- Archives : April, 2010

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    Great fruit aroma clearly announces CA, and the wine is magic when paired with a crispy, roasted version of the CA State Bird.

           There isn’t a huge amount of Grenache planted in California: about 7,000 acres in 2008 (down from nearly 11,000 acres in 1998), and 85% of those acres reside in the Central Valley (predominantly Fresno and Madera Counties). Hence the image, which artistic CA Grenache will eventually have to overcome, of sickly sweet swill labeled Grenache Rosé which was sold in bowling-ball-shaped jugs much prized by ‘60s-era hippies for making terrariums. Still, the enduring legacy of the Rhône Rangers in California has begat some new, green buds on the gnarly, weathered Grenache grapevine.
           Napa has less than 35 acres of bear...

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    Posted by Mr. Bruce Cass on Apr 28 2010 10:04AM | 0 comments