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Straight from the Vine -- Archives : Merlot

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    De Tierra Vyds

    Monterey County. Two estate wines from certified organic grapes. Very good quality, bargain priced. Strongly recommended.

    Talking about how ‘green’ a wine is can be very complicated. Not using pesticides says little about the winery’s attention to energy and water conservation. Is an ‘organic’ wine from Italy still green after all that weight of liquid and glass has been shipped to San Francisco? Does your ‘bio-dynamic’ winery pay their workers a living wage? And do any of these matters contribute to good taste? How far can I trust claims of ‘greenishness?’

           It’s a thorny issue. We will revisit it frequently on this blog. But we will begin with a winery recommendation that needs very few qualifier adjectives. These two wines taste great, and they are both pretty reasonably priced. The grapes are grown within 100 miles of the Stanford campus. The vine...

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    Posted by Mr. Bruce Cass on Nov 30 2009 11:24AM | 0 comments